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About ThirdAxis ®

ThirdAxis has a mission to provide its clients with professional Consulting and Civil Engineering services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations. Bring Innovative industry knowledge to construction industry in India and provide complete guidance and technical support to building repairs and new constructions across the region. Along with our extensive track record in consulting and execution, our breadth of experience enables us to provide a unique service in strategic planning and development.

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Speed Up Projects with Automatic Reinforcement Machinery

This list includes Heavy Machines for Rebar Cutting – Rebar Shearlines, Heavy Machines for Rebar Bending- Double Benders, Heavy Machines for Rebar Threading, Heavy Machines for Rebar Cage Building-Pile Cage, Heavy Stirrup Benders, Heavy Machines for Rebar Straightening & Cutting

Save Reinforcement Scrap Using Smart Software

With our expertise in the reinforcement industry, we have been selective on the software partner and hence, we proudly carry forward our 8 years+ partnership with aSa Software Solution, which is pioneer in the reinforcement software industry. We bring you the software solution which will not just speed up your bar bending schedules but also save a lot of money which normally get wasted in the form of rebar scrap.

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