CNC Rebar Machines from SKZ

SKZ Mechanic Technology is located in Shenzhen, a geographic location that ensures convenient and fast delivery services. As a specialist high tech company, we provide high quality and reliable metal fabricating equipment for civil engineering to make your project easier.


Heavy Rebar Machines


Rebar Benders

The KZ12B CNC automatic stirrup bender complete a series of different processes, including straightening, sizing, bending and cutting of metal pieces.

The CNC rebar double bender is widely used for rebar bending in high rise buildings, highways, railways, large scale bridges and other reinforced concrete structures.


Rebar Cutting Machine | CNC Shearline for Reinforcement Steel

The CNC rebar shear line is most often used as a feeding machine for large diameter and high strength rebar. The rebar shear line is able to automatically cut rebar into expected lengths and sort, then store the cut rebar. This rebar shearing line is widely used in construction, expressways, and other industries. It is also used for cutting rebar in small batches and at various specifications.


Pile Cage Machine

In bridge construction, the processing of steel cages plays an important role. Our CNC pile cage welding machine combines steel straightening, bending, and roll welding, achieving basic mechanization and automatic of the cage processing. Our pile cage welding equipment not only reduces the working time and errors in each component, but the quality and efficiency are significantly improved.