aSa Reinforcement Steel Software Since 1969…

aSa is the world’s leading provider of software for the reinforcement steel (cut and bend) industry. aSa automates nearly every step of the readymade steel process — from estimating and detailing, to production, material tracking, billing, and general accounting. Construction companies, small and large cut and bend factories, reinforcement detailers, engineering firms, and placing firms all benefit from aSa software solutions.

aSa RebarCAD Detailing 2D

Generate Reinforcement placing drawings & BBS

aSa ProRebar 3D CAD / BIM

Software to create instant Bar Bending Schedules from CAD drawings

Bar Bending Schedule

Order entry and bar bending schedules

Rebar Estimating

Software for Estimating Reinforcement Steel

BarList For Revit (Autodesk)

Take off material from your Revit model and create a file.

Scrap Optimization

Shearing optimization to reduce your scrap/offcuts

Bundle Inventory

Keep a complete record of your steel

Shop Planning & Scheduling

Calendar Based Planning for reinforcement cut & bend plants

Material Tracking

Tracking Material at every stage of fabrication in plant.

Load Tracking

The Right Material On Right Truck – Every Time

aSa OPTO Shear Console

Easy, Smart & Automatic Shearline Operations

Delivery Ticket

Clear Consistent Shipping Document for Reinforcement Loads

Rebar Plant Automation

Feed BBS output (cutting/bending) instructiondirectly to CNC machines

Plant Manager

Track your whole rebar plant on your computer screen (Real Time)

Field Placing

An Easier Way to Track Rebar Installation on Site

What Users say about aSa solutions

  • “Scrap production has been cut by more than half since we started using (aSa) software, and we now have very good control of all remnants company-wide.”

    Sam Costa
    C&T Reinforcing Steel Co

  • “We have been using aSa since many years and always found aSa software ahead of times. aSa is mainly focused on rebar and as a rebar detailing firm, our main focus is rebar detailing as well. Dedicated CAD support team is very helpful.”

    Kannan K
    Senior Detailer/Director
    RedDot Rebar Services
    Chennai, TN India
  • “I had a job with hundreds of columns, and all of them were continuous ties. I was able to draw the ties in Shape Manager, add the ties to Tie Manager, then detail them using aSa CAD/Detailing’s Column tool with no problems. To detail them by hand would have taken me forever!”

    H.V. Nawlin
    Senior Detailer/Project Coordinator
    Florida Technical Resource Center
    Tampa, FL

  • “(Using aSa Bar List and Sales Order), we have a single person who does the entire job; as long as that person checks the list carefully, we’ve virtually eliminated errors.”

    Jeff Veilleux
    CEO, P.J.s Rebar, Inc.
    Fremont, California

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