aSa Material Tracking Software for Rebar Cut & Bend Plants

aSa Material Tracking uses barcode scanning technology to record every step of the fabrication process, including the date and time of each operation and the persons responsible for all stages of producing and shipping an item. This real-time record gives you an extra level of quality assurance in the shop. Material Tracking also helps you make smart decisions based on employee and machine productivity rates.

  • Eliminate material flow problems
    When used with Load Tracking, Material Tracking warns the shop crew when a straight item that should have been bent is about to be shipped.
  • Answer field questions in an instant 
    When the installation crew calls about a problem or missing bundle, a simple on-screen inquiry gives you the answers you need immediately, even directly from within an aSa CAD drawing.
  • Track productivity levels
    By reporting the employee, machine, and time associated with each step of the fabrication process, you can pinpoint problem areas to more easily make shop improvements.
  • Integrate all of your production processes
    Material Tracking, combined with aSa’s Scheduling, Production, and Load Tracking modules, gives you all the information you need to efficiently plan, execute, and follow up on material fabrication and delivery.
  • Manage and track heat numbers
    When combined with Bundle Inventory, the system can automatically assign the correct heat number to each fabricated item.
  • Track material based on the unique needs of your shop
    The program is extremely flexible. It is designed to incorporate specific equipment and shop environment settings that you define.

aSa Material Tracking Software – For Rebar – Image Tour

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