aSa Opto-Shear Console 

The aSa Opto-Shear Console drives the entire shearing operation electronically by completely automating shearline processes — gauging, bin selection, and roller motion — and managing the shop crew with easy-to-follow instructions — shake-out requirements, tagging, pocket blocking, and crane call messages — timed for maximum productivity. aSa’s controller interfaces with nearly any shearline as an original or replacement console. The console features a built-in PC that can be connected to your network and a touch-screen for easy operator entry.

  • Improve production rates
    Easy-to-follow instructions pace the entire shearing operation, regardless of crew experience.
  • Reduce cutting errors
    Information loaded from computer-generated instructions or scanned from bar-coded tags eliminates the potential for erroneous entry by the operator.
  • Load tag info instantly
    Connected hand-scanner loads tag information into the console’s memory by reading linear or 2D bar codes printed on production bundle tags.
  • Maximize your current shearline’s potential
    Older shearlines reach new levels of productivity when automated with the aSa console.
  • Optimize on the fly
    Automatically calculate cutting combinations right at the shearline; eliminates the need to plan entire production runs in advance.
  • Upgrade easily
    All of the console’s interface features are software-driven. This allows you to add new features as they are developed without the need for mechanical changes.

aSa Opto Shear Console – Image Tour

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