aSa Rebar Estimating Software

aSa Estimating allows you to take off directly from a set of printed or electronic plans to the computer keyboard – no transcribing to and from paper, no manual calculations. All entries are checked for errors and converted to pieces, lengths, and weights automatically as they are entered. Reports organize, summarize, and price material so you can quickly submit a successful bid. Pricing and other defaults are controlled by you; the estimate screen and reports can be structured to satisfy both the estimator’s needs and the bid requirements.
  • Estimate rebar faster
    Take off by structure, rather than one bar at a time. Automatically calculates standard hooks and laps.
  • Eliminate tedious calculations
    The program automatically calculates material required for common structure types, such as linear, rectangular, and circular areas, varying bars; tie configurations; galloping stirrups; and spirals. Plus, you can create your own formulas to handle other structures.
  • Be more accurate
    Each entry is checked for errors as it is entered. Calculated lengths and weights are displayed for visual verification.
  • Get organized
    Group your estimate into sections by bid item or by structures, such as foundations, walls, and footings.
  • Calculate estimate placing labor
    Based on estimate summary information and settings that you define, the program will automatically calculate man-hours and costing associated with installation labor.

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