aSa Rebar Field Placing Software

Companies that provide rebar installation services face unique challenges in managing their business critical data. aSa Field Placing helps you to easily manage all of your rebar placing information, from the initial estimate to the last bar installed at the jobsite. You’ll always know how much you’ve shipped, how much you’ve installed, and how many hours your placing crew worked.

  • Forget confusing spreadsheets
    Field Placing gives you the tools to estimate, record, and track field placing data in one integrated system.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
    Field Placing instantly accesses information from aSa estimating, detailing, and shipping applications, so you don’t have to enter values in multiple disconnected systems.
  • Throw away sloppy, hand-written forms
    aSa generates professional-quality reports with all the information you need to see the current status of each placed structure and update your weekly totals.
  • Get key information at a glance
    The heart of the system is the Weekly and Job to Date Listing, an easy-to-read report that shows weight and percent placed totals for the current week and for the entire project together on one page.

aSa Field Placing Image Tour

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  • FPScr2_PlacingRates
  • FPScr3_PercentScreen
  • FPScr4_JTD_Report