aSa Rebar Plant Manager Software


aSa Plant Manager gives you instant access to real-time and historical fabrication information via a virtual shop interface on your computer screen. aSa Plant Manager is an on-screen “picture” of your fabricating plant that you use like a graphic menu. Design the on-screen plant to look like your real one, complete with pictures of your equipment and employees. Then, simply hover your mouse cursor over a bin, machine, or trailer to get an at-a-glance view of fabrication as it happens. Drill down to view inquiries, print reports, and launch applications without ever leaving your virtual shop.

  • Smart, visual interface
    What could be easier than clicking on a picture? Your virtual plant tells you what’s going on at each machine, bin, and trailer in your real plant.
  • No need to open up multiple screens and applications
    Plant Manager provides a single launch point for viewing data, opening programs, and generating reports.
  • Mission-critical data at your fingertips
    In addition to viewing real-time fabrication progress, you can enter a date range to see historical data, such as machine and employee productivity
  • Get answers quickly
    Want to know if a truck is ready to deliver steel? Plant Manager displays “percentage loaded” information and also shows which bundles have been loaded and which remain.
  • Access all the information you want
    Get a high-level overview, or drill down into the fine grains of production data. Plant Manager enables you to do either with ease.

aSa Plant Manager- Image Tour

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  • PMScrn1_Setup
  • PMScrn4_Drill
  • PMScrn2_Realtime